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My First Nuget Package: Rework

I am so tired of rewriting the same code over and over and over again

Categories: C# , .NET
Tags: C# , .NET , Nuget , Rework , Helper Library
My First Nuget Package: Rework

So I have been wanting to do this for a while but finally got around to creating a reusable C# library.  

The library contains all the sort of helper functions that you tend to re-write, redo or "Rework". It is currently quite light but is fully unit tested and highly reliable. I am using AppVeyor for Continuous Integration and Deployment to Nuget.

I am hoping to do a video at some point on just how easy it is to setup a project in AppVeyor. For more info on the project, it's features and how to use it. Simple head over to Github.

If you like the library and want to add to it, feel free to contact me or put in a pull request.

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