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Moving Blog from Wordpress to Umbraco

I have finally got around to porting my blog to Umbraco!

Moving Blog from Wordpress to Umbraco

I know I have said in the past that WordPress was probably the way to go for blogging, but in my recent whirlwind romance with Umbraco, I decided to port my blog over.

The main reason was based on the fact that I am much more comfortable in the ASP.NET based Umbraco and hope to make regular feature additions as the blog evolves. Although that is possible with Wordpress, I'd rather stick to my strengths.

In an effort to make my life easier I am also "outsourcing" some other sections of the site, such as the about and contact me sections. This means that the old and rather half-arsed vanilla MVC site that used to occupy this domain has been put down (in a humane and gentle fashion of course).

This site is fully geared towards blogging. The topics will be mainly programming related as usual but you might hear the occasional rambling/rant about the latest goings on in rugby (despite my best effort not to).

All you need to know about me is available via the links in the header of every page. The best place to find out more about me professionally will be via my LinkedIn page. To get hold of me, send me a message via LinkedIn, email or Twitter.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be moving over my old blog content and killing my site. I will make a post notifying everyone when that takes place although I am sure neither you nor I will miss it.

For those wondering you can find my old blog at

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